It takes a village to help the homeless, abandoned and abused animals in our community.  Such was the case last night.  AM Farmers Sanctuary received a call about an abandoned momma and her pups out in Tye.  Luckily, the village was there to spring into action.  Read about Lea's rescue mission, check out her pictures and the short video showing her superwoman actions!

Mom Dad and 7 Puppies

On July 1st we got a message from Mindy that there were newborn puppies found under a bridge into a field in Tye. 
After getting there, the mom came out and greeted us so we caught her quick with a leash, as we knew mothers can be protective of there young. That's when the rescue began. I got down on all 4's and army crawled 5-6x into a tunnel/drain to rescue the newborns. All newborns were caught, and the last trip down there was to crawl all the way through and get a leash on dad and get him out. Now my legs are bruised up and I've got bug bites on my arms and legs. But the puppies and parents are now safe and were transported safely to AM Farmers Sanctuary.

Volunteers take time out of helping AM Farmers build new kennels to feed kittens that are not weened yet.  Look how precious they are?  They will be ready for adoption soon!


Kitten Duty